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Little Dumplings & Big Hearts
2023 Holiday Dinner

As we embrace the holiday season, we're thrilled to present a mouthwatering opportunity that not only brings Manitoban delights to your table but also supports HPCP in a meaningful way.


Introducing our Holiday Dinner Fundraiser!

Starting November 3rd you can treat your family to a delectable feast crafted with love and care. Our locally sourced & made holiday supper options are sure to add warmth and flavor to your celebration.


By participating in this fundraiser, you're not only ensuring a delightful holiday meal for your loved ones but also supporting Heritage Park Children's Programs with the funds raised contributing to our Holiday Parties and activities and helping to make a positive impact in our center.


Choose from the following delightful offerings:


1. Traditional Delights - $30.00

2.2 lb Bag (Approx 3 Dozen) Potato & White Cheddar Perogies

2lb Tray of Cabbage Rolls (4 rolls/tray)

1lb Ham Ring (Made Locally by Mighty Meats)

Single Item Pricing

Potato & White Cheddar Perogies  - $9.50

2lb Tray of Cabbage Rolls (4 rolls/tray) - for $16

1lb Ham Ring - $7.50

New Bothwell Cheese Charcuterie Bliss - $24

4 exquisite 170g blocks including:
Red Wine Old Cheddar
Monterey Jack Truffle
Smoked Gouda
Extra Old Cheddar


To place your order and secure your holiday dinner, simply fill out the Online Order Form below by November 24th. Don't miss this opportunity to simplify your holiday preparations while making a difference in your childcare facility. 


Dinner Order ETA: December 18th (Just in time for the Holidays!)

Place your order Below!

ETA - December 18th

Select your choice:

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Thanks for ordering!

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